By default the records scanned in the last 3 days will be displayed. You can select a different time frame by either choosing an option from the drop-down list or selecting a start and end date range. Additionally you can filter your results by typing keywords into the provided search box.

You can click-through to each record by either clicking on the image or the 'Permalink' icon. Additional information and images will be available.


Share a record by clicking on the social media icon of your choice. You can share via Facebook, Twitter, Google + and email. In order to share you must be a registered member of those websites.

Export PDF

Export the digital copy to PDF by clicking on the 'Export PDF' icon. A message window will appear with more information. The process could take up to a few minutes depending on the number of pages in the record. The PDF generated will be secured and you will be unable to modify it. Printing is allowed.


Print a digital copy by clicking the printer icon (only available on the Permalink pages). Alternatively you can select the page range to print the specific pages. Please wait for all pages to be loaded, you will then be prompted to print the digital copy.


To subscribe click on the 'Subscribe' button in the top right hand corner and enter an email and keywords that you would like to be alerted to. For example, if you were to enter the keyword 'Smith', newly released records containing the word 'Smith' in the title would be emailed to you.

You can unsubscribe at any time to this service.